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Euphoria golf course is a unique blend of bushveld golf with wide, undulating fairways, wild grasses and deep bunkers which gives it an inland links like feel. Aptly named Euphoria " the idyllic state of well being " the course nestles in the foothills of the Waterberg Mountain Range 10 kilometers from Naboomspruit (Mookgophong). Eugene Marais, the renowned poet and naturalist wrote "where every morning from the highest cliffs, the eagle swiftly circles upwards to greet the sun blazing in the growing sky".
This unique and demanding golf course bears the signature of the world`s former number one lady golfer Annika Sorenstam. According to Annika "I designed the course the way I play the game where you have to think about every shot." The course will favour the strategic player rather than the big hitters. The detailed design work was undertaken by European Golf Design Company a London based joint venture company between the European P.G.A Tour and International Management Group. This is the first design by EGD in South Africa and Annika`s second signature golf course after Mission Hills in China.
Each of the 18 holes has four tee boxes of equal size suitably elevated to provide the player with a good view of the hole in play and with vistas over the estate and surrounding bushveld plains. This modern golf course is long measuring 7,055 meters off the white tees; 6,540 meters off the blue tees; 5,960 meters off the green tees and 5,145 meters off the front red tees.
Each hole is unique in its own right with several holes crossing a natural water ravine which runs through the property.
Hole by Hole Review  
Hole No 1: 295 to 395M Par 4  
Hole No.1
This is a gentle opening hole with a slight dog leg to the right with two fairway bankers also on the right side. The tee shot plays downhill to a wide fairway and then uphill to a narrow elevated green. The green falls away to the front enticing the player to fly the ball all the way up to the putting surface. Along the way one cannot fail to admire the beautiful mature wild fig tree halfway down the fairway.
Hole No 2: 305 to 420M Par 4  
Hole No.2
This hole will challenge all levels of player early on in the round. A long and straight tee shot is required across the ravine to reach the raised fairway before it falls away towards the green. The hole breaks sharply right with the ravine in play for any ball pushed too far to the right. The green is narrow and set at an angle right to left of the fairway with a steep fall over the back. It is protected by a deep banker to the left front of the green. Take care not to hit the second shot too long. There are alternate tees for the not so brave which takes the ravine out of play and straightens the hole up.
Hole No 3: 425 to 585M Par 5  
Hole No.3
This challenging par 5 calls for another fairly long tee shot over the ravine to a fairway that is not as generous as most. It is however a three shot hole for most players so a fairway wood off the tee might be appropriate. The stronger player will reach the small, well bunkered and elevated green in two shots but for most it will always be a three shot hole. Take care when approaching the green and avoid the surrounding bunkers at all cost.
Hole No 4: 320 to 430M Par 4  
Hole No.4
This hole might appear to be intimidating with a right to left dog leg and 5 bunkers guarding the left side of the fairway. The large green is also well bunkered and can only be reached comfortably after an accurate tee shot. The green is protected by a small mound which might influence the depth perception so be sure to take enough club to reach the center of the green in two.
Hole No 5: 295 to 400M Par 4  
Hole No.5
A very demanding hole. The fairway is split in two by a large bunker crossing the fairway at an angle from right to left. The courageous player can attempt a great shot by flying the ball over the right half of the hazard with a carry of 250 meters. The safe shot is to a large flat landing area on the left, short of the bunker. The green has a steep drop-off at the back and is protected in front by two bunkers on the left and right sides.
Hole No 6: 125 to 180M Par 3  
Hole No.6
This straight forward short hole has a green that is completely surrounded by bunkers. Approach it with caution as there is no margin for error. The deep bunker right of the green could easily spoil an otherwise good day.
Hole No 7: 325 to 430M Par 4  
Hole No.7
The landing area appears to be narrow because of two mature trees on the left side of the fairway. This should not be cause for concern but be wary of the two bunkers on the right. The long green nestles between two rather deep bunkers. When playing this hole be sure to take the time to admire the large dam with beautiful surroundings and abundant bird life to the left of the fairway.
Hole No 8: 130 to 220M Par 3  
Hole No.8
This is another very playable short hole with wild indigenous grasses covering a large hollow to the left and centre of the fairway. The approach to the green must be accurate to avoid the large bunker at the back and right side of the green. The back of this bunker is planted with wild grass which blends in naturally with the surrounding bushveld.
Hole No 9: 395 to 520M Par 5  
Hole No.9
A good tee shot over the ravine will see the ball rise like an eagle against the backdrop of the majestic mountain. This is a relatively short par 5 and reachable for many players in two shots. Wild grasses dominate both sides of the fairway all the way up to the green. Avoid the strategically placed bunkers and this closing hole could compliment any score for the first nine holes. Along the way the imposing clubhouse will come into view together with the cableway taking guests up to the mountain top restaurant. Relax and enjoy the halfway house service before tackling the second 9 holes.
Hole No 10: 315 to 430M Par 4  
Hole No.10
On this beautiful hole a good tee shot is required in order to carry 180 meters over the ravine; to avoid a large Marula tree guarding the right side of the fairway and to avoid a fairway bunker that will only bother the big hitter. The uphill approach to the green is straight forward as long as the correct club has been selected
Hole No 11: 255 to 350M Par 5  
Hole No.11
Without doubt this is one of the prettiest holes on the golf course and also one which offers many options. The tee shot is played over a meandering stream which continues all the way up the left side of the fairway. The hole is set off with two large Marula trees beyond which the hole doglegs slightly to the right. This short par 4 is a classic example of a risk reward hole. Any big hitters who want to take the green on need to be aware of the bunkers guarding the green and of the narrow approach. The conservative player will lay up safely off the tee leaving a mid iron approach to the only double tiered green on the course.
Hole No 12: 385 to 530M Par 5  
Hole No.12
The tee is peacefully nestled between a forest of indigenous trees including a number of Nabome (Euphorbia). Spare a moment to admire the large Natal Kiepersol and Wild Fig trees to the left. The fairway is guarded by three bunkers to the left and the ravine off to the right. The conventional lay up shot doglegs to the right with the approach turning back left to a small well guarded green. Playing this hole in two shots will always be risky because the carry of the second shot will be directly over a large depression covered in wild grasses. The green is deceptively 5 meters higher than the first landing area.
Hole No 13: 305 to 420M Par 4  
Hole No.13
This tee is at the highest point of the golf course and offers panoramic views across the Springbok Flats and landmarks such as the Strydpoort Mountains near the Eastern Escarpment. From the tee part of the fairway is unsighted and the best way to play this hole is to keep the tee shot left and then negotiate the right dogleg from the most favourable position. Beware the bunkers on the right hand side of the fairway, one of which is unsighted from the tee.
Hole No 14: 280 to 390M Par 4  
Hole No.14
The focus on this straight hole is the large intimidating Marula tree in the fairway at 280 meters. It is best to play down the right side of the tree but the shot needs to be accurate as the out of bounds boundary fence may easily come into play. A deep bunker to the right and a severe slope to the left will test the accuracy of any shot into this elevated green.
Hole No 15: 110 to 150M Par 3  
Hole No.15
This is the shortest hole on the golf course but don't be fooled. Two bunkers in front of the green will attract many golf balls but the challenge of this hole is to not overshoot the green and end up in the unplayable rough behind the green. The small pond off to the right is out of play but adds to the beauty of the hole. This pond is regularly frequented by the colourful Woodlands Kingfisher and many other species of bushveld birds and insects.
Hole No 16: 295 to 400M Par 4  
Hole No.16
Do not be deceived by the absence of bunkers on this straight and relatively long par 4. It is compensated for by a narrow fairway and demanding depressions and undulations down the right side of the fairway. The protection of the green in the form of bunkers in front and depressions at the back should not be of concern as the green is large and should be reached comfortably.
Hole No 17: 135 to 200M Par 3  
Hole No.17
The tranquil main storage dam with its abundant birdlife set against the backdrop of the mountain and trees make this demanding par 3 pretty as a picture. The tee shot is all carry over the water from the back tee but gets progressively less intimidating as the remaining three tees move forward and away from the main body of water. There is a generous lay up area for those who cannot reach the green. Once again like on so many of the holes the cavernous greenside bunkers need to be avoided.
Hole No 18: 450 to 605M Par 5  
Hole No.18
This picturesque hole will linger in the memory of all players for long after the game. The lasting impressions will be the wild grasses flanking the fairway and waving gently in the breeze; the beauty and peacefulness of the ravine, the mountain backdrop, the dramatic clubhouse and the cable car. This is an extremely long hole especially when played off the back tee. The tee shot is played short of the ravine and care must be taken to avoid the large Marula tree on the left with the second shot over the ravine. The green, although well bunkered, is large and should not present too much of a problem. The welcoming sight of the clubhouse behind the green might cause players to rush the last put but all will be forgotten when relaxing over refreshments.
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