School holidays and long weekends are here again, but how do you keep the kids from driving you up the wall, while simultaneously taking some time to enjoy some hard earned time off? Typically, as parents, instead of getting to take a break, we spend time working from home, creating activities that pull children away from screen time, cooking, hosting family and friends and cleaning up so that we can do it all over again the next day. A recent Nielson study on the importance of quality and play time in the development of children says that one in three fathers do not have time to play with their children and one in eight simply don’t know how. Depriving children and parents of quality and play time can be linked to delayed cognitive development for both children and adults. So how do we get it all done and still have fun?

Believe it or not, the answer may lie in a good old golfing holiday. Golf, as a sport, has proven to develop cognitive skills and is generally great for helping improve focus and fitness. As a non- seasonal sport, you don’t have to wait until summer rolls around again to play. The sport in itself teaches an array of valuable life skills and lessons. We’ve listed five:

  1. Difficult courses, such as the 18 hole one designed by Annika Sorenstam at Euphoria Golf and Lifestyle Estate, pose a host of challenges that require intellect and patience to overcome. A healthy dose of bunker battles encourage constant self-improvement. As a sport, golf is about beating your best self in spite of the elements and obstacles.
  2. Golf is also a great confidence builder. Injuries are far and few between and people of all genders, ages, shapes and sizes can be successful at it. Teaching children (and parents) that they can be great through practice is a healthy way to build self-esteem and confidence. Because of the intense levels of concentration required to be effective in the sport, even the smallest of wins mean everything to players and are always cause for celebration.
  3. As much as it is an individual sport, playing in a four ball as a family is a great way to interact. Different tee off points per hole help address different skill levels and facing off against other families in holiday tournaments is a fun way to get everyone to work together towards a common goal.
  4. If the full 18 hole course is too much at any point, smashing some balls at the driving range at the end of a long day is a phenomenal way to release tension and leave the day-to-day anxiety and stress on the course. It’s also a way to clear one’s mind and can be a great bonding experience.
  5. They don’t call it the gentleman’s sport for nothing either. Golfing etiquette is paramount and as such people are able to achieve a level of emotional development through learning to maintain composure through challenges– a life skill that bodes well for children and adults alike.

At golfing estates like Euphoria Golf and Lifestyle, there are supplementary activities for the entire family, including the only cable car in Limpopo which transports visitors to a mountain top restaurant, a fully supervised water park, hiking and biking trails and a bush spa that offers treatments for the whole family. Going to a lifestyle estate gives you the benefit of outsourcing the logistics of all activities and puts parents in a position to make all their time quality time. And if you’re worried about the chills and sniffles, just remember… it’s always sunny in Limpopo.

So why not give your family the time it deserves and start a new tradition. Finding Euphoria is just one click away. So Click Here and we’ll help you coordinate the best family experience.